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Q: Is it security of your shipping data and in essence your customer or vendor information?

A: Ship Watchers has Non-Disclosure and Privacy agreements in place with the major shipping carriers to protect your data.  Not one violation would be tolerated by any carrier.  We respect our agreements to the fullest and your privacy as a large shipper.


Q: Startup costs and changes to my shipping process.  This would cause added steps!

A: There are absolutely NO added steps on your part.  This along with NO start up costs, contracts and no risk makes this an essential part of reducing your shipping costs.

Q: We thoroughly audit our invoices for all the adjustments needed as a company before we make the payment.

A: With large volume shippers it is impossible to submit all adjustments prior to the invoice being due.  You must have an employee tracking each shipment, and then match it to your invoice along with checking it against other sources (i.e. zonal, commercial vs. residential, etc.)  Our automated system does this quickly and efficiently bringing back more adjustments.

Q: Using an auditor will jeopardize our carrier relationship.

A: Your relationship developed with your carrier(s) will remain just that, your relationship! We have our own internal relationships with the carriers that have been in place for years.

Q: I just signed a pricing contract with the shipping carrier.  Do I have to wait for the contract to expire before getting an auditor?

A: No need for you to wait.  Your pricing contract with the shipping carrier(s) does not impact the auditing process.  We will even perform back dated adjustments on your previous invoices to collect even more savings.
Q: I already have an auditor!

A: Our solution offers the lowest service fee guarantee and comes with the most technologically advance network to process data eliminating human error and bringing back more adjustments.  Our solution also comes with the most online features and benefits.  Ask for a comparison report today!

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