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Start your FREE account today with ShippingAuditor.com for your Small Parcel Shipping credits.  We are offering any company the chance to sign up for a FREE account today, get a Pricing Plan for your shipping volume and cost per month.  One Flat Fee and no additional costs!

ShippingAuditor.com is based of one of the leading Shipping Audit platforms and is tailored to your companies’ shipping trends.  Damage Claims?  Not a problem, let us handle them!  Not sure if you should switch carriers for potential savings?  No problem either!  We do it all for a low monthly fee.

Still not sure which plan you fit into?  Just take the FREE account option and our network will let you know what plan you fall into before even using our solutions. Start today by clicking the “Start Free” button at the top of our main ShippingAuditor.com page.  It is an easy 5 min process to activate and link your shipping data with our EZ process!

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