Address Corrections

Unaccounted additional expenses can hurt your bottom line. Addresses are estimated to be 20% incorrect when shipped which results in additional expenses in the form of Address Corrections billed by your carrier. Correcting addresses before printing the label or shipping your package can result in substantial savings. provides tools and options to remove these unwanted additional expenses through cleaning stored data, implementing a validation tool, and recovering incorrect address correction charges applied in error by your carrier.

Original Address

The recorded address or original address received by the shipper can come from various sources including the customer, an employee, or software program which can lead to human error and incorrect information being printed on the outbound label.

Original Address:

Joe McGarvey
27 Rodan Ave, Apt. 210
Sprakers, NY 12166


An address correction charge is assessed when the original address provided by the shipper differs from the actual according to address validation systems the carriers use. Most carriers have tools available to verify an address prior to shipping. Links below:

UPS Address Validation
USPS Address Lookup
FedEx Address Verification
DHL Capability Tool
Smarty (All Carriers Tool)

Correct Address

Since the original address was “27 Rodan Ave." the carrier added an address correction fee in addition to the shipping charges expected. The charge for an address correction can be as much as $18.00 or more depending on the carrier you are working with.

Correct Address:

Joe McGarvey
72 Rodan Ave, Apt. 210
Sprakers, NY 12166


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