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This is a summary of all accessorial charges by account number, carrier, invoice date, etc. For example, an extra charge like a destination charge or fee for handling hazardous materials may apply to certain shipments. Also referred

Let our network automate your Damage or Missing Claims with the shipping carriers. Our platform allows you to start a tracer (request for non delivered shipment), start a damage, upload documents including photos of damage. One point

Having all Shipping Carriers in one place allows you to have a point communication and data point for all the carriers. Using their websites for adjustments and or reporting is just not easy.  Let our network consolidate

Our new AI Logistics Shipping Auditor will allow you to listen during the day of what your shipping data is telling our network. The AI system depending on what screen you are on within the portal will

Most reports within our portal have the ability to add or remove data fields for your customized views. Search by any field within the shipping data of your carrier. Graphical interface for users to add to their