Unauthorized charges occur when a package is shipped with a missing or invalid shipping account, the bill to party account number is incorrect, the third party or consignee fails to pay the shipping costs, or the shipment was sent to an unauthorized consignee. Ultimately, the shipper is responsible for the payment of all shipping charges. We will collaborate with you or your team to create a list of all approved shippers able to bill your shipping accounts and provide detailed reporting to avoid fraudulent activity and monitor unauthorized use by third parties.



Chargebacks are additional fees billed back to the shipper due to the third party or consignees failure to pay the shipping cost after you sent a package billed to their account or they disputed the charge with the carrier. This fee in addition to all shipping charges for said package.

Through your subscription to any of our Tiered Plans, you will be able to monitor all chargebacks to either verify or rectify charges with the third party or consignee to avoid future chargebacks.

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3rd Party Billing You might not even notice these...

Companies use your shipping accounts to bill shipments to.  Our network separates that for your company to view and either dispute or add the shipper to a Flagged List for future notifications and reference.

With our automated dispute feature we process automatically disputes for shippers on your flagged list directly to the shipping carrier.  Removing the surcharge for the 3rd party bill and also the shipment amount to be rebilled to that shipper. 

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What is Your Average Yearly Spend?

SA TIER 1 | $39 / month
Yearly Shipping Spend
Between $5k - $50k
SA TIER 2 | $79 / month
Yearly Shipping Spend
Between $51k - $100k
SA TIER 3 | $119 / month
Yearly Shipping Spend
Between $101k - $150k